Celedio Peguero


Students at NDEC-Lawrence, along with staff and Board Members raised more than $5,400 to be applied to rent and utilities. With a substantial donation from Enterprise Bank, NDEC purchased a 55” Samsung  TV that was raffled on December  12, 2019. 

NDEC Students who sold more than 10 tickets were entered into another raffle where they were able to win a cash gift!

Winners were selected by the daughter of one of NDEC’s staff members at an assembly in the school where Celedio Peguero won the TV. We are extremely grateful to Andreia Cordoso who sold more than 24 tickets on her own! She will also be recognized for her effort. The winner for the 10 tickets plus drawing was Valdineia Januslewski.

Andreia Cordoso


Valdineia Januslewski